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Featured Projects
School Reconstruction Project – AJK

The earthquake of 2005 has caused serious devastation in the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Over 83% of the educational institutes were affected in AJK. Friends Pakistan/KnK Japan received constant demands of community and Governmental Departments of AJK for the rehabilitation of demolished educational infrastructure. Friends Pakistan in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan through KnK Japan (Kokyo Naki Kodomotachi) has initiated Schools Reconstruction Program in AJK in March 2014[…] Read More

From the People of Japan – Support in Access to Girls Secondary Education

Providing and sustaining educational access to young girls of remote areas is amongst the top priority of Friends Pakistan. Since 2007, Friends Pakistan has been supporting girl’s education at secondary and higher secondary level in remote areas of District Mansehra. Till date, one hundred and forty eight (148) girls have completed matriculation and sixteen (16) girls have completed intermediate in those remote areas of District Mansehra, where education after primary level was virtually impossible.One such school i.e. […] Read More

Support in Access to Girls Education

Girls’ educational attainment in Pakistan lags behind the level of attainment of boys. This is seen in literacy levels and school enrolment figures, which reveal that large number of girls, have limited access to even basic schooling. As per 1998 Census, the overall literacy was 37%. In 2010 it increased to 53% with male having the ratio of 72% as against the 35% for female. Similarly in the province of KPK, Government girl’s institutes are already 50% less than boy’s institutions and there are many Union Councils […] Read More

ILMPOSSIBLE-Take A Child to School

Pakistan faces educational crises of unprecedented proportions with nearly twenty five million children are out of school according to report of Alif Ailan. Amongst this population of out of school children, ten (10) percent belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Friends Pakistan has been supplementing the Governmental efforts for the educational improvement and bringing all the out of schools children under the folds of education in its targeted areas of KPK Pakistan. Friends Pakistan with the financial support of British Council and strategic partners[…] Read More

The Maria Helena Foundation support in Access to Girls Education

Village Raiter (UC Karori) and Village Shangri (UC Kawai) are situated in the most vulnerable and backward areas of District Mansehra. The area is mountainous and the source of most people’s livelihood is farming, livestock and labor. Mobility of girls is also a big challenge and in area such as Shangri it takes about three to four hours of walk to access the educational facility at secondary level As far as the facilities for the female education are concerned there is no girl’s middle school in these two villages. […] Read More

School Construction Project – District Mansehra

Earthquake of 2005 caused massive damage to education sector in District Mansehra. Sixty seven percent (67%) of educational infrastructure was severely affected in term of fully or partially damage.In the wake of devastating 2005 earthquake, Friends Pakistan in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan through KnK Japan (Kokyo Naki Kodomotachi) implemented four year project “Strengthening Education through Infrastructure Development Support” in District Mansehra.The objective of this program was to reconstruct and rehabilitate schools […] Read More

Welcome to school initiative project – WSI

With the aim of supporting the vulnerable education sector of District Dir Upper, Friends Pakistan in partnership with UNICEF and Education Department implemented the project “Welcome to School Initiative” from September 2011 to February 2012. The project targeted one hundred and fifty one (151) schools in five (5) Union Councils of District Upper Dir.Under the scope of this project, Friends Pakistan launched an intensive community awareness campaigns to raise the awareness of the community regarding the importance of the education […] Read More