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Construction of the Girls Middle and High School Meelbut

Union Council Jabber Devli is located in hilly terrain of District Mansehra. As this area is located in very difficult hilly terrain, there is a scarcity of social services such as education and health. In regard to female education this Union council is considered the most vulnerable. There is no Governmental Educational facility for female students in this area after the primary level. Most of the girls’ students stay in their homes after passing their primary education as there is no institution beyond primary levels in whole union council.

Since 2008, Friends Pakistan with the support of Hoshyar Foundation USA is supporting the Community Managed Girls Middle and High School Meelbut that was operational in temporary shelters erected by local community. The physical condition of the shelters was very vulnerable. Keeping in view the vulnerable situation, Friends Pakistan with the munificent support of the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan approved a permanent building of the Girls’ Middle and High School Meelbut. The building is comprised of five classrooms and one office. The construction work on the site has been completed in October 2015. Local Community of the village Meelbut remained fully involved in the project and contributed physically and financially in the construction process of the school.

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