* Friends Welfare Association is PCP certified registered NPO (PCP-2016/439). *Registered with Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Pakistan under registration # 2(11)NGO/EAD/2016.

Promoting Sustainable Means of Income:

Friends Pakistan is striving to increase the social and economic wellbeing of the local communities through providing them support to generatesustainable means of their livelihoods. This is in line with the Friends Pakistan’s objective of developing the means of sustainable livelihood for the target communities through Skill development and promoting the entrepreneurship in its target areas.

Our work focuses on building the earning capacities, providing the tools and equipments and providing the requisite capital to help people to generate the sustainable means of living for themselves by establishing small scale enterprises for themselves. Friends Pakistan facilitated the vulnerable community members through vocational training, capacity building, market linkages and imparting different trainings in its target areas to develop, expand or restart small-scale businesses particularly after being faced with an unexpected loss of livelihood. Friends Pakistan has contributed in promoting the “sustainable means of income” in its targetareas through below mentioned projects:

1. Ancestral and traditional craft of carpet weaving was revived in District Mansehra and sixty (60) families were supported in terms of provision of new tools, machinery, capacity building and developing market linkages to reduce the dependence on middle man.

2. Livelihood support of eighty seven (87) earthquake affected families was made through provision of livestock in remote areas of District Mansehra.

3. Five Hundred (500) young girls of remote areas of District Mansehra were equipped with the tools and life skills training of Vocational training, sewing, embroidery, functional literacy and market linkages. This has enabled to empower the young girls through creation of sustainable means of income generation.