Comprehensive School Improvement Program

Access to Girls Education at Secondary/Higher Secondary level
February 9, 2018
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March 28, 2018
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Friends Pakistan has been executing a “comprehensive school improvement program” focusing the overall improvement in school learning environment through set of different activities which includes mainstreaming of Children with Disabilities in formal schooling, providing access to outreach children in remote areas, focusing child learning friendly environment at schools, mainstreaming out of school children, awareness raising of local communities, strengthening PTCs, academic effectiveness of teachers, improvement of physical infrastructure of schools, initiating early childhood education in schools and Capacity building of the Officials of Education Departments on “Child Friendly Inclusive Schools approach” etc. Some of the prominent contribution of Friends Pakistan in term of overall school improvement program include:

1. Mainstreaming and enrollment of twenty five thousands (25000) children in five hundred forty three (543) schools supported in five(05) Districts of KPK and two Districts of AJK.

2. Capacity of seventeen hundred and sixty seven (1767) teachers was enhanced on modern pedagogical practices that contributed in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the teachers in regard to classroom practices.

3. Friends Pakistan has reactivated five hundred and forty three (543) PTCs and Four thousand three hundred and forty four (4344) members of PTC /SMC have been trained on their role and responsibilities and improving the school environment.

4. Three thousands eight hundred and one (3801) members of students’ representative councils (SRC) weretrained that are actively participating in the school affairs.

5. Seven thousand and two hundred items (7200) that included school bags, classroom chairs, tables, school tents, hygiene kits, note books etc were distributed as school supplies to supplement the learning environment at schools

6. Pre primary education at thirty (30) schools was established through provision of training, provision of requisite material and models schools have been established in KPK.

7. Mainstreaming of twelve hundred and seven (1207) Children with Disabilities in formal schooling in an inclusive environment. 8. Supporting onethousands (1000) young girls of remote areas by providing access to girls education at secondary at higher secondary level.




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