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February 10, 2018
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April 1, 2018
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Pakistan has been facing a range of natural disasters, including floods, cyclones and earthquakes as well as man-made disasters resulting from armed conflicts, which regularly leave many thousands of vulnerable people in need of emergency assistance.

Friends Pakistan has actively responded to almost all major humanitarian emergencies occurred in Pakistan during the last decade facing vulnerable communities of disaster hit areas. Through its emergency and early recovery activities following the 2005 earthquake, 2009 military conflict (Swat) 2010 flood, and 2015 earthquake, FriendsPakistan has so far reached a total of Six Districts in KPK. Some of the prominent contributions of Friends Pakistan in emergencies are as below:
1. Provided the food and nonfood items to more than five thousands (5000) victims of 2005 earthquake in District Mansehra.

2. Provided emergency education and psycho social support to One Thousand (1000) traumatized school children of Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDPs) families of District Mansehra after the earthquake of 2005.

3. Resumed emergency education for the extremely vulnerable six thousands (6000) children of 2010 flood affected schools of District Kohistan and Shangala through provision of semi-permanent structures/ tents and school supplies at the targeted seventy nine(79) schools.

4. Resumed emergency education for 1768 girls of District Swat whose schools were blown off with explosives by the religious extremists through providing the alternative schools spaces in post military operation 2009 in District Swat.

Similarly, in the wake of 2015 earthquake, the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of Friends Pakistan has completed the rapid need assessment of twenty four (24) Union Councils of District Dir Upper and Shangala to discern the extentof damagesand to determine the emergency assistance required for the affected areas.


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