Friends Pakistan strictly follows the standard guidelines in all its procurement procedure . Procurement Section deals with the Works, Services and Procurement of supplies for offices, projects /program essentials and equipments. The objective of procurement activities within Friends Pakistan is the timely acquisition of the right goods, works and services, while addressing.

  • Friends Pakistan mandate
  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness (Value for money)
  • Adhering to prescribed standards, specifications, local laws, rules & regulations and international obligations
  • Expeditious execution of works and delivery of goods and services .
  • Compliance with local laws and international obligations
  • Ensuring Transparency and Consistency
  • Retaining confidentiality of Information.

Friends Pakistan follows its policy to ensure that financial honesty is assured by prescribing a range of appropriate methods for purchasing and procurement, including, Where appropriate, a competitive tendering and contracting process.

Friends Pakistan does not purchase form companies/supplier black listed bankrupt, employing child labor, involved in corruption, anti environment activities and involved in activities that are against the country law and UN charter of human rights .