* Friends Welfare Association is PCP certified registered NPO (PCP-2016/439). *Registered with Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Pakistan under registration # 2(11)NGO/EAD/2016.


Friends Pakistan strictly follows the standard guidelines in all its procurements procedure. Procurement section deals with the Works, Services and Procurement of supplies for office, project / program essentials and equipment. The objective of procurement activities within Friends Pakistan is the timely acquisition of the right goods, works and services, while addressing:

* Friends Pakistan mandate;
* Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness (Value for money);
* Adhering to prescribed standards, specifications, local laws rules and regulations and international obligations
* Fair, equal and maximum opportunity for interested parties to participate in competition
* Expeditious execution of Works and delivery of Goods and Services;
* Compliance with local laws and international obligations
* Ensuring Transparency and consistency; and
* Retaining confidentiality of information

Friends Pakistan follows its policy to ensure that financial honesty is assured by prescribing a range of appropriate methods for purchasing and procurement, including, where appropriate, a competitive tendering and contracting process.

Friends Pakistan does not purchase from companies/supplier black listed, bankrupt, employing child labor, involved in corruption, anti environment activities and involved in activities that are against the Country Law and UN charter of human rights.

Download Tender Notices

Auction Notice - Toyota Corolla Gli 2014.pdf
Bidding Form - Toyota GLi 2014.pdf