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January 3, 2018
Construction of the Girls High Secondary School Jabargali has been initiated
January 10, 2018
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Earthquake of 2005 caused massive damage to education sector in District Mansehra & AJK. Sixty seven percent (67%) of educational infrastructure was severely affected in term of fully or partially damage in Dist Mansehra while 83% of the educational institutes were affected in AJK.


Friends Pakistan/KnK Japan received constant demands of community and Governmental Departments for the rehabilitation of demolished educational infrastructure. Friends Pakistan in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan through KnK Japan (Kokyo Naki Kodomotachi) has initiated Schools Reconstruction Program in 2010.


 The objective of this program was to reconstruct and rehabilitate schools that were completely demolished in earthquake in target areas. In addition to construction of permanent school buildings in compliance to the seismic standards set by ERRA, the capacity development of the schools’ players such as Teachers, PTCs members, Students etc have been the major components of the above mentioned program.


The program was implemented in different phases and sixty (60) fully functional schools; 40 schools in Dist Mansehra & 20 schools in AJK, were handed over to Line Department. As a result of Friends Pakistan’s intervention, in total 24665 students are the direct beneficiaries out of which 13073 are girls & 11592 are boys. The enrolment rate has now increased to 100% in reconstructed schools. Population of 120 villages (about 60000 community members) in District Mansehra and 30000 community members in the State of AJ&K have benefited from the said program of educational infrastructure development support. Similarly, in total, (480) PTCs members, over 300 teachers and 480 SRCs members have been trained in all the targeted sixty (60) schools to ensure the active participation of the school players for the improvement in the school environment. Likewise, as per the baseline data, the retention rate that was 65% before the start of intervention  has now increased to 95% at the target sixty (60) schools in District Mansehra and state of AJ&K.


FWA and KnK Japan program of reconstructing and rehabilitating the friendly educational environment is quoted as ‘’exemplary program’’ for disaster hit areas.  FWA and KnK Japan has been receiving constant requests from government and communities to further contribute in reconstruction and rehabilitation of demolished schools especially in remote hilly areas of District Mansehra. 

In this respect, considering the vulnerabilities relating to educational infrastructure, Friends Welfare Association and KnK Japan has initiated a new phase of reconstructing and rehabilitating the friendly educational environment in earthquake demolished schools.  This phase, initially comprising of reconstruction of four (4) schools , conducting the  Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Studies (KAP Study) at Union Council Level, capacity building of teachers, students and PTC and mobilization campaigns especially for the cause of girls education was started in July 2017. Till date, sixty (60%) percent of project deliverables in terms of reconstruction of demolished schools buildings, conducting Broad Based Community Meetings (BBCM), KAP Studies and training manuals have been successfully achieved.

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