Support in Access to Girls Education
December 21, 2017
Support in Access to Girls Education
January 3, 2018
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Pakistan faces educational crises of unprecedented proportions with nearly twenty five million children are out of school according to report of AlifAilan. Amongst this population of out of school children, ten (10) percent belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Friends Pakistan has been supplementing the Governmental efforts for the educational improvement and bringing all the out of schools children under the folds of education in its targeted areas of KPK Pakistan.


Friends Pakistan with the financial support of British Council and strategic partners FREE AND FAIR ELECTION NETWORK (FAFEN),School of Leadership Foundation (SOLF) and Children’s Global Network (CGN), has initiated ILMPOSSIBLE – Take A Child to School project in  2015.The objective of this project is to contribute in ensuring the enrollment of all out of school children and then their retention through mobilizing and training a pool of young volunteers and community leaders to complete primary school cycle in the targeted primary schools located in the five union councils of districts Mansehra. The following achievements have been made so far in this intervention.

  1. A pool of three hundred and thirteen (313) young volunteers has been trained and mobilized to get all out of school children under the fold of education.
  2. Seven thousands and fifty eight (7058) out of school children have been enrolled in respective schools. As per FAFEN verification ninety five (95%) students are retained at schools.
  3. Five Mohalla Committees comprising of fifty two(52) members were established and are actively contributing in enrolling and retaining the children in schools.
  4. Implemented sport training and life skill education component “DOSTI” in ten schools of District Mansehra.
  5. The data of seven thousand & fifty eight (7058) enrolled children has been uploaded on the online data base to track enrolments and retention for each child.


These goals were achieved through set of activities that engaged and trained three hundred and thirteen (313) volunteers, five (05) Mohalla Committees, schools engaged in life skill education and sports, mobilization of civil society organization, communities and district education office through mobilization events to work alongside parents and children to increase enrolment and reduce dropout rates.


During the year 2018, Friends Welfare Association with the support of its partner British Council will achieve the target of enrolling more than three thousands (3000) out of school children in District Mansehra and Batagram.











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